The Competition –

You’d better be running. Continue reading The Competition –


Weighing Risks and Opportunities –

Every opportunity in our lives always has its own risks. It isn’t easy to make the right decisions. I have made many mistakes. I have always wondered, is there a way  to actually weigh the risks and opportunities I  am gonna take? I think there is. We have to understand the types of risks and opportunities. We can’t predict the future. Some things seem good at … Continue reading Weighing Risks and Opportunities –

How to be productive –

Does being busy equal being productive? I think the definition of being productive is to get things done, which produce value as a result. The whole idea of this post is about gaining focus to get things done. Does everyone want to be more productive? Maybe yes, if they are working towards a goal. In everything we do, we should always ask a question: “How … Continue reading How to be productive –