The Competition –

You’d better be running. Continue reading The Competition –


Weighing Risks and Opportunities –

Every opportunity in our lives always has its own risks. It isn’t easy to make the right decisions. I have made many mistakes. I have always wondered, is there a way  to actually weigh the risks and opportunities I  am gonna take? I think there is. We have to understand the types of risks and opportunities. We can’t predict the future. Some things seem good at … Continue reading Weighing Risks and Opportunities –

Why internet startups are like authors and musicians –

Startups, authors, and musicians make scalable products. Now they all have the greatest distribution enabler for information products: the internet. But here is the thing, is this as good as it sounds? Authors Why do we adore great authors like J.K. Rowling (The author of Harry Potter)? It is hard to be a successful author. There is a new book being published every 30 seconds, with … Continue reading Why internet startups are like authors and musicians –