How to measure success –

Is success awarded by the society, claimed by oneself, or won from the society? Are you successful if you say you are? Are you successful if you are the top performer among other employees or other entrepreneurs? Or are you successful if you accomplish something no one ever did before? I think it is fair to say that everyone has their own way to measure their … Continue reading How to measure success –

Ambition without Depression –

Ambition in the society I think ambition is important. It is what keeps you awake working hard for something. It is one of the reasons you persevere learning difficult things. Interestingly, people don’t generally love to talk about their ambitions in front of others. It “felt materialistic”. The subject of ambition such as money, big goals, dreams are not as easy to talk about as … Continue reading Ambition without Depression –

Getting a Girlfriend / Boyfriend Simplified, with Conversion Funnel. –

Combining Business & Digital Marketing Concepts with Dating in the Digital Age. I’m writing this because I have too many friends that do not have a potential life partner yet, so called girlfriend / boyfriend. I understand how it feels, I was single for about 3 years previously. 🙂 Let me tell you something, in the digital age, you are competing with a lot of … Continue reading Getting a Girlfriend / Boyfriend Simplified, with Conversion Funnel. –