How to be productive –

Does being busy equal being productive? I think the definition of being productive is to get things done, which produce value as a result. The whole idea of this post is about gaining focus to get things done. Does everyone want to be more productive? Maybe yes, if they are working towards a goal. In everything we do, we should always ask a question: “How … Continue reading How to be productive –

How to understand someone –

In someone else’s shoes. That’s the whole idea of this post. I was known to be insensitive since I was young. I am distracted with things that matter. I am lost when discussions get boring, the closest people to me will know this very well. Sometimes I spend hours working / reading and forget to have my lunch / dinner. I fell asleep in lectures … Continue reading How to understand someone –

How to be strong –

This post is not about being strong physically, it is about being strong mentally. Why do people run, lift weights? How does that contribute to their muscles and stamina? It is known that when we lift weights, we stretch our muscles’ capabilities and “break” some of them. After that, when our body consume protein and regenerate our muscles, they become stronger. So how do we … Continue reading How to be strong –

How to understand something –

Do you learn or do you just collect information in your brain? The journey to be able to understand is the journey of learning. People have the tendency to think that the more they read, they have learnt more, but is that true? Are we smarter after we read a lot? The answer can be yes, or no. We are not smarter after we read, … Continue reading How to understand something –

How to measure success –

Is success awarded by the society, claimed by oneself, or won from the society? Are you successful if you say you are? Are you successful if you are the top performer among other employees or other entrepreneurs? Or are you successful if you accomplish something no one ever did before? I think it is fair to say that everyone has their own way to measure their … Continue reading How to measure success –