Choosing the gain and the pain –

We always look for something perfect, something that doesn’t hurt us, something that gives us whatever we want. We look for something only with gain.

Our idea of perfection is flawed. “Perfection” doesn’t exist.

You want to have a fit body, you have to work out and have a proper diet. You have to accept that you have to be stuck in the jam after working hour to go to the gym.

You want to advance your career, you have to work hard and develop yourself in the company. You have to accept that your boss may scold you, your colleagues may envy you.

You want to build a successful business, you have to take risks and never give up. You have to accept the reality that you may fail and lose your resources. You have to also dream about your potential success.

You want to have a good girlfriend, you have to be a good man. You may need to have a good lifestyle with no liquor or cigarette.

You want to have a good boyfriend, you have to be a good girl. You may need to stop partying with your friends every weekend.

Perfection is a standard we set ourselves. Perfection is wanting the gain while accepting the pain. There is no gain without pain.

Make positive cash-flow decisions, eliminate negative cash-flow decisions.

I use cash-flow because this concept can be applied to life. Many people make decisions based only on abstract feelings. What if feelings can actually be measured? Not in a detailed manner, but we always can compare different feelings and choose decisions who matter most.

Will you keep businesses that lose money every month? If not, why would you make life decisions that give you so much pain every month?

Will you keep businesses that make money every month? Of course, yes! But why would you let go life decisions that can give you so much gain every month?

Here is the thing, we have to have the courage to decide. We have to choose the right decisions that give us a positive cash-flow all the time! We have to eliminate the wrong decisions that give us a negative cash-flow.

Gain = Pain 

This is a breakeven decision, your gain equals your pain. Is it worth it? If you have no better opportunities, keep it. When you have better ones, you have to switch.

Gain < Pain

This is a negative cash-flow decision, your gain is less than your pain. It’s not worth it. You have to eliminate this all the time. These are the decisions that stop you from getting a better life.

Gain > Pain

This is a positive cash-flow decision, your gain is more than your pain. It’s everything you should look for. You have to search for this and keep this when you have it. These things are rare, these things are valuable. These are usually your loved ones, your business opportunities with lesser risks, etc.

When you find these, remember that you have to accept that come with it. By having more gain and less pain does not mean that there is no pain. For example, when you get a business opportunity that can make you a millionaire in 2 years, it usually comes with a pain you have to endure. You may have to work really hard even during weekends, so bear with it!

When you find the right life partner, they will always have flaws. The key is to accept their weaknesses and wanting their strengths.

The perceptions of strengths and weaknesses are different in each person’s eye.

Perfection is about wanting the strengths enough that we are willing to accept the weaknesses.

Perfection is about wanting the gain enough that we are willing to bear the pain.

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