Why momentum is more important than speed in business – vincenthuberta.com

Remember when our parents asked us to be discipline when we were kids?

I still remember when I had to shower 3 times a day in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I had to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time. I didn’t know why it had to be that way? Just because everyone else is doing the same?

Well. Now I understand the true value of the discipline they always asked me to have.

It turns out we don’t have to be a great basketball player in 1 month. We don’t have to shoot 100,000 balls in a day and be good at it. We just have to shoot 300 times per day, every day, for a few years. Just don’t injure your hand and not able to train for 1 week or more than that.

It turns out we don’t have to be a millionaire in a year. We just have to start with making a couple thousand dollars a month and grow it by 5% every month, then repeat it for 10 years while investing in growing assets. Imagine continuing it for another 20 years. Just don’t make a bad investment decision that costs you more than 50% of your total capital. In order to get back the loss, you have to grow your leftover capital by 100%.

The idea is this. When we build a consistent momentum, we gain speed. Just don’t get slow due to unnecessary mistakes like rushing things.

Momentum usually involves discipline, hard work, perseverance, and patience.

Close 1 deal, 2 deals, 3 deals, 4 deals, 5 deals, and continue. Keep the customers, get repeat purchase. Do it until another 100 times (B2B) or 10,000 times (B2C) and repeat. You have got a valuable business.

“Our hair doesn’t grow by pulling it out.”

Quick results aren’t always good results. Fortunately, results with hard work and attention to details are always good results. Success is the result of doing really great executions. Great executions come with attention to details, day to day improvement, relentlessly learning new things and innovating.

Google grew really fast because they had a great momentum in executions, because they made great products, and because they hired only the best people. Not because they have speed. We can’t own speed, we create it with momentum. Just like a car which accelerates to reach top speed by consistently stepping on the gas pedal.

Anyway, the best advice we can ever get are from our parents: be focused, work hard, be patient. Simple and practical.



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