How to be a useful and necessary startup: Generate and organize useful information –

Google organizes the world’s information within websites with PageRank so that we read the best articles first.

Facebook generates social information a person has and organizes it to allow people to socialize online.

Uber generates and organizes information about a potential driver that can drive us to our destination.

Internet-of-things startups generate information that we couldn’t have before with sensors and cameras.

A startup has to solve a problem, of course. That is Why it should exist. How can it exist for a long time? Here is How.

The 2 rules of a useful and necessary startup:

  1. It generates useful information that people do not have previously. If people already know it without you, they probably don’t really need you. Think about Google, Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb for a moment. Generating useful information makes the startup useful.
  2. The useful information needs to be organized to reach its maximum potential. Think about Uber and Airbnb. Imagine they do not organize the information, do you dare to hop into a stranger’s car whom you only know the name of the driver? Do you dare to spend a night in a stranger’s house that you only know the phone number or address? This makes the startup necessary.

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