What would you invest in during world war 3? – vincenthuberta.com

We are in a great time of the world. At least for most of us, we can enjoy enough of all the good things the world offers.

We are in the era when luxury goods are available and achievable. Daily entertainment is consumed through various medias. It’s in your mobile phone, desktop, TV, and everywhere around you.

This is the time when investing in luxury goods and entertainment will be giving great ROI. Young adults are starting companies selling various creative products. Influencers on social medias are building audience really quickly. It is a time where people would care about how cool others are and follow their activities.

Remember world war 2? None of these existed.

How valuable were cool stuff during the war?

How valuable was entertainment when the world was tearing apart?

What do you think matters most to humanity?

What are the things people couldn’t live without?

I believe that the best businesses are the ones which will sustain in the hardest times.

I will invest in those. How about you?

Reach me: vincent.huberta@gmail.com

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Always rethink,


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