Premature conclusion –

Life is simple, but don’t make it simpler. There are times in life when we conclude too fast. We look at one corruptor in our country, and we think the next politician we see will be one. We had a bad experience in a restaurant and we think the next one will be the same too.

I think a premature conclusion is created by fear. Fear of having a bad experience. We recognize the cause of a bad experience, we take the data or profile, then for the next things that are similar, we create assumptions.

However, what if we are wrong sometimes? What if we judge too early?

If you failed a few times before, do you assume you will fail again the next time? Maybe yes, maybe no. The chance is yours, so is the decision.

How to avoid premature conclusion

I usually use this method, something I read from Toyota’s culture: The 5 WHY’s.

It is about having a mindset to always ask WHY for at least 5 times to find out the reason something happens.

For example, your friend’s girlfriend had an accident.

Why #1: Why did she have an accident?
She is not used to driving alone in a crowded place.

Why #2: Why is she not used to driving alone?
His boyfriend usually drives her around.

Why #3: Why is her boyfriend not driving this time?
They just had a fight and they need a break for a few hours.

Why #4: Why did they have a fight?
The boyfriend thinks she is careless and wants her to change, but she doesn’t admit it.

Why #5: Why does he think she is careless?
Because she broke his glasses and other stuff before.

This is just an example. This way of thinking is very useful to be applied in problem solving, including technicals.

A premature conclusion is unfair to the world, to the organization or business we are in, and to ourselves. We need to understand before we judge. When we understand more, we get rid of the fear and make decisions based on facts.

We need to ask WHY more than we used to.

I hope this post is useful.

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