Story about The Hunting Dog –

I once had a dog. He was supposed to be this fancy hunting dog. However, he acted like any other dog barking at squirrels, burying bones. He was friendly and a good pet, but he didn’t seem like anything special. One Christmas break, I went hunting with some friends. The same breed of dog that I had was out there, and it was looking for … Continue reading Story about The Hunting Dog –

Chase The Lion by Mark Batterson –

“Stalk or Be Stalked” Scripture doesn’t explain what Benaiah was doing or where he was going when he crossed paths with the lion. We don’t know the time of day or his frame of mind. But Scripture does reveal his reaction, and it was a gutsy one. Put yourself in Benaiah’s snowshoes. Your vision is obscured by falling snow and frozen breath. Out of the … Continue reading Chase The Lion by Mark Batterson –